Career Transition: How to Use Your Contacts’ Knowledge to Your Advantage

If you are involved in a job search that involves career change you will find social networking sites helpful, especially LinkedIn and your college alumni association.

When you are cycling out of one profession and into another, you can use these sites, and others, to build a network of people who do the target job in your chosen profession and, whenever possible, people who have made a similar transition. Reach out to these new network contacts, to find ways to build bridges between your current profession and the new one. Explain your similar background and ask

  • Their advice on how they made the transition
  • The similarities and differences between the work
  • The skills and experience that directly translate
  • The new skills you’ll need to build.

To learn more about making career changes read Overcoming Obstacles with a Career Shift, Stepping Stones and Calendars, not Clocks, and check out all the other careers people with your degree successfully pursue. To learn more about networking read the networking chapters in Knock em Dead 2011 The Ultimate Job Search Guide

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