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Career Coaching Services from Martin Yate, CPC.


You get to work personally with the globally recognized career management authority, and New York Times bestseller Martin Yate CPC. All career coaching service sessions address topics of your choosing, so your time with Martin is spent addressing solutions rather than defining the issues.

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You wouldn’t be here unless there were professional issues in your life that needed attention.

These issues tend to fall into a handful of broad categories:

  • You are being proactive about navigating job, or perhaps, career change.
  • You are pursuing professional growth.
  • Bad things have happened and you need to get past them and on with your life.

Within each of these career coaching services categories are a wide range of challenges that can get between you and your goals. When it comes to your career, any of challenge that gets between you and your goals needs to be dealt with and overcome.

When it comes to advice that affects your survival and success, you want someone who has been down these roads before. You want an experienced coach with encyclopedic knowledge and impeccable credentials.

Martin Yate, Career Coaching ServicesMy name is Martin Yate, I’ve been at this every day for thirty plus years, helping professionals in all walks of life navigate their rough patches while learning to anticipate and prevent them in the future. Check out the endless unsolicited endorsements on every page of this website, or Google me.

My knowledge and credentials are a matter of public record – the world over. More importantly, I am here for you. Whatever your challenges, I can think through them with you and help you devise ways to get past them and move on with your life and career. No matter the severity of the issues troubling you, they aren’t unique, and I’ve almost certainly dealt with them a number of times before.

If you want the best career coaching services, I am here, ready and able to help you. I’ve spent my life in career management, helping countless professionals just like you develop practical strategies to achieve on-going success and tactics for rising phoenix-like from the ashes when a career has been sideswiped. I can do the same for you. Talk to me.

The way it works:
Once you book a career coaching session, you will receive a confirmation email from Martin requesting an outline of your issues and a copy of your resume if available. There may be a couple of email exchanges before you talk, because Martin likes a clear picture of the topics going into the coaching meeting, so that you spend your time together discussing the options, not defining the problems.
I am always available to answer your questions about our career coaching services.
Email: Or call our office at (678) 815-5996 to set up a consultation.

What The Customers Say

“I was offered the job today. Salary negotiations were easy and quick. You helped me understand my value and boosted my confidence at every level of the process. Thank you for your help and commitment that you give to each of your clients to follow-thru and get us hired.”
– J.T. Sales

“Your expertise is invaluable!”
– B.S. MD, MBA in Social Impact Management

“I can’t thank you all enough for your support in my job search. Thanks for all of your help. You are something else. Always full of enthusiasm and passion for what you do.”
– J.B. Attorney

“I had no idea of the mindset and unique preparation that was required for a successful job search, your excellent books and individual consulting was very helpful. I can’t recommend your services enough.”
– D.D. S.V.P. Enterprise Security

“I find your insights and knowledge very valuable. Your experience and ability to communicate the “important stuff” really sets you apart from so many of the others in the field.”
– J.A. Engineering Development Manager

“Looking for a job is scary when you’ve never had to do it before. Thanks Martin for helping me devise a job search strategic plan and supporting me as I executed it. 55 and back in the saddle at my old C-level job.”
– K.L. CMO

We’ve been doing this for a really long time, so naturally people talk

Career Coaching Services

Martin is a shining example of a passionate and committed career development specialist who has that very rare talent to be able to communicate powerful information and guidance in an engaging and accessible style

Career Coaching Services

Quite simply, one of the foremost authorities in the careers industry. His body of knowledge is extraordinary

Career Coaching Services

He has had a huge positive influence on my entire professional life

Career Coaching Services

His clarity of thought; his organized approach; his excellent listening skills; and his honest assessments have helped me to sharpen my skills, my vision, as well as my business