Blind Loyalty To Employers Is Stupid, Enlightened Self–Interest Is Key To Your Survival & Success

When a company dispenses with your services, it’s nothing personal: the company is taking considered action to achieve what it must do to survive and satisfy the shareholders.

Job search and career management skills are the most important skills you can ever develop. Companies today have no sense of loyalty to their employees; they have loyalty to the shareholders, and the shareholders are only concerned with profit. Learn from this hard, hard lesson: take control of your life, your economic survival, and your success by acting with the same forethought, objectivity, and self–interest as a corporation.

Start thinking of yourself as a company, as MeInc, a small company with a successful future to be won. At MeInc, you sell products and services: the specific skills and experience you’ve accumulated over the course of your working life. These product and services have to fulfill the needs of your customers, or the sale will go to a competitor, so they must continually evolve.

Think of this bundle of products and services that embodies you, as the product lines of MeInc, and yourself as the company’s CEO responsible for the long-term success of the company.

As an employee, you are a cog in the moneymaking machine, and if an employer can find a way to make money, or save money by automating or exporting your job, then your head will be on the chopping block. That’s the way things are, so cast off any mistaken notions of thick-and-thin fidelity to your employer and focus your attention with laser–like precision on you: What’s best for your career and for your life?

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