Are You One of Us? ADHD & Your Career

Have people said you are good at starting things but not at finishing them? Did impulsivity get you in trouble at school? Has it ruined jobs and relationships? Does your mind skip? Do you sometimes spin in circles unable to gain traction?

Answer yes, and it could mean that you have an underperforming career because you have yet to face, embrace and harness the many curses and the awesome powers for success that come with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Are You One of Us Too?
ADHD can be the power plant behind your success as it has been for many household names: presidents JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson are ours.  Creative geniuses Dali, Disney, Bill Gates and Picasso are ours.  Entertainers Will Smith, Pink, Stevie Wonder, Mozart and Beethoven are ours.

Major achievers in every field of endeavor are ours; and once the code is cracked, we can be successful not just in one field, but in many fields of endeavor like fellow travelers Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Da Vinci; the lists are endless.

When we face, learn to manage and harness the power of ADHD to our goals, people like us become the world’s great achievers. When we don’t, it’s disaster for ourselves and anyone else who strays into our warp-speed orbits. I know these things because ADHD has propelled both my greatest achievements and my life’s deepest disasters.

They Were Wrong About Us
Growing up, I was always in trouble. Family and teachers constantly me told I was a screw-up and that I would never amount to anything because I never finished what I started. You know this very story because you have experienced the same commentary.

So what happened to the kid who couldn’t finish things?  Today I am a NY Times bestselling career author who has written 14 books that are published in foreign language editions around the world; I co-own a couple of optical patents for red eye reduction that were sold on TV, oh and I last danced with a professional ballet company at age 55.

You Can Crack The Code
Crack the code and you can move from frustration and failure to success and fulfillment. I screwed up so many things over the years, then I just stumbled on the code and life blossomed more than I could have ever imagined. The more you face and embrace yourself for who you really are, the better you’ll be able to recognize and manage the demons (mind-skips and impulsivity to name a couple) and harness your very special powers of achievement to change the trajectory of your professional life.

You are not alone, we are legion. If you are interested in making ADHD the engine of your success rather than the living nightmare it is, talk to me and I will write more.

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