Are Resumes Obsolete? Resume vs. Social Media Profile

Are Resumes Obsolete? Resume vs. Social Media Profile

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Social media sites like LinkedIn have given recruiters an effective recruiting resource and job seekers a totally new way to make themselves visible.
Much has been said recently about your resume being outmoded as a job search tool and that all you need now is a social media profile.
Adulthood has few terrors worse than the prospect of writing a resume, and a life without having to write a resume, or a social media profile for that matter, would indeed be a beautiful thing. However, neither is going to happen because each fulfills a different role in your job search and you need them both. 

Your social media profile
The Internet and communication tools that accompany social media have changed the way companies recruit and people find jobs and the emergence of social media profiles as a job search and career management tool is a new and startlingly helpful development.
A strong social media profile should complement and expand on your resume. It also needs to be search engine optimized to make you visible to corporate recruiters. LinkedIn, the premier professional networking site has a database with over 85 million social media profiles of U.S. users, and as many more for overseas users. This means that while the idea of having a strong social media profile in the place where recruiters love to spend their days is a no-brainer, your profile will get lost in the tens of millions of other profiles unless it is also search engine optimized.
For recruiters, social media sites are just another kind of vast resume database that they search with keywords. A properly executed a social media profile makes you more visible, but it is passive in so much as it resides in one place and must be sought and found by recruiters. Having a social media profile, unless it is properly optimized does not guarantee you will be seen, or will be seen by the right people.
As Joyce Lain Kennedy of the Careers Now column says, “The online profile is not a customized document, but is more like a one-size-fits-all pitch posted on a digital billboard that’s located on a busy information super highway and seen, hopefully, by hordes of unknown viewers.”
Your resume
A resume is probably the most important financial document you will ever own, when it works, the doors of opportunity open for you, but when it doesn’t work, you don’t either. Your resume should be a succinct review of your credentials and capabilities as they relate to a specific target job; your social media profile should be based and build on the sales message crafted for your resume.
You can post upload your resume into resume databases, where it will function like a social media profile, making you visible to people who are actively looking for professionals like you in that particular database. Recruiters access both resume databases and social media databases in exactly the same way, by executing database searches using keywords.
You can also use your resume as an active job search tool: send it directly to recruiters and hiring managers with the benefit of linking to the social media profile for a more detailed review of the complete professional. You can customize your resume to one specific job and also to each company you approach. You can also create custom resumes for each of the different jobs you wish to pursue, and you can send such carefully customized resumes directly to the recruiters and hiring mangers you most want to talk with.
You are going to need both a resume and a social media profile for your job search, and they are both going to need search engine optimization to be productive. You will logically create your resume first, because it is the more flexible job search tool and because the tighter focus needed with a resume will help you succinctly define the marketing message you will use in your resume and in your social media profiles.

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