60 Seconds To Change Your Resume and Your Life. Wednesday

60 Seconds To Change Your Resume and Your Life. Wednesday

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Use A Target Job Title On Your Resume

80% of resumes lack a target job title, and this makes a resume less accessible to a harried recruiter who might spend as little as five seconds reviewing it before moving on to another candidate’s resume where the writer has better focus and communication skills.

A target job title comes immediately after your contact information, at the top of your resume and is most often centered on the page, is in a larger font than body copy and is often on bold. It acts in the same way as a movie, TV show, and book or blog title: It draws the readers in by giving them a focus for what they are about to read.

Recruiters use a target job title in database searches, so using one at the start of your resume helps it get pulled from a resume database for review by a recruiter. Additionally, once it is front of human eyes, having a target job title gives both a recruiter and hiring manager immediate visual focus.

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