60 Seconds To Change Your Resume and Your Life. Thursday

60 Seconds To Change Your Resume and Your Life. Thursday

Thursdays 60 Second Resume Tactic
Give Your Resume A Performance Profile

Many resumes that mistakenly begin without a Target Job Title, compound the error by starting the resume with a demand under the heading Job Objective. Now this may comes as a surprise, but no one really cares what you want unless they first know that you can do the job they are trying to fill.

Replace your Job Objective or Career Objective, with the heading Performance Profile: managers do performance reviews on every employee at least once a year, so the phrase has immediate relevance for your ability to do the target job.

The result will be a concise recap of your skills as they relate to the requirements of the job that all employers hold in common. It’s a simple concept: instead of guessing what your customer wants, find out and give it to them.

Beneath the Performance Profile heading, address your ability to do the job in a way that reflects employer priorities. To do this, take the first 4-5 priorities from your Target Job Deconstruction exercise  and turn them into short sentences running no more than five lines (long paragraphs harder on the eyes).

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