2017 Resolutions – Protect Your Job and Boost Your Employability

2017 Resolutions – Protect Your Job and Boost Your Employability

Career Resolutions for 2017 – Part 2

Your job exists for one simple reason: to identify, anticipate, prevent, and solve problems within your area of responsibility, in order to help the company, make money; think about it, there would be no reason for your job to exist otherwise. You can protect your job and boost your employability by recommitting to your work with a fresh attitude about the role you play.

You are a problem solver within a particular area of expertise. This will lead you to engage in your work with new priorities:

  • Anticipate, identify, and reduce the frequency of the problems that occur within my area of responsibility.
  • Solve the problems and challenges that still occur within my areas of responsibility in an efficient, professional, timely and collegial manner.
  • Execute my duties in ways that show respect for the responsibility of others, who in turn must deal with the product of my work.
  • Learn something from every problem I tackle that will help me improve personal productivity by anticipating preventable problems, and reducing the impact of the unpreventable ones.

Skill development

Unfortunately, developments in technology constantly change the skills you need to do your work. If you are not 2017 Resolutions - Protect your job and boost your employability consistently developing new skills, your existing skills will become obsolete, and this could not only cost you a job it could decrease your ability to find another. Your first steps should always include a skills self-analysis of those you have and those you should have to stay current, and then a talk with your boss. There isn’t a boss in the world who doesn’t appreciate a staffer asking for guidance about ways to improve skills and performance. Implement the advice you receive, and follow-up informally every 6-8 weeks to communicate both your progress and your commitment. Informal, but consistent, follow-up keeps you on the radar of those who matter. In every department and company there is an inner circle and an outer circle, and these are the ways you make it into the inner circle: that place where the best assignments, raises, promotions, and the most secure jobs live.

Prepare for opportunity to knock–or prepare to get knocked down

The only certainty in life is uncertainty, good and bad. You never know when an opportunity will knock or you will get knocked down by an unexpected lay-off or downsizing. Invest in a resume that is current and will work, it is the most financially important document you will ever own because it opens the doors of opportunity for you. It’s the vehicle you’ll use to market yourself for new opportunities, to get promotions, plus properly done it prepares you for job interviews as well, and so playing a vital role in your economic stability. Do not forget this advice, no job is secure any longer.

It’s a mistake to think that you only need a resume when you’re need a new job. When the opportunity to go for an internal promotion comes up, you may assume your employer is aware that you have the deliverables to qualify for the position you want, but that’s not necessarily the case. A job-targeted resume will showcase your ability and suitability for the job and highlight relevant skills you possess but that management may not be aware.  Plus, you may be up against outside candidates who will come armed with up-to-date resumes and this will insure that you are competitive.

Creating a high-quality resume is about as much fun as getting a root canal. Its time-consuming, and requires a lot of energy if you’re going to do it right. Alternatively, there is also the option of paying a professional resume writing service create a custom resume for you.  Check out my advice on how to evaluate the value of professional resume writing services here. To learn more about getting a Knock Em Dead resume, visit Knockemdead.com or email martinyate@knockemdead.com.


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