Career Resolutions for 2017- Part 1 – Stop Making Resolutions

2017 Career Resolutions - Part 1 - Stop Making Resolutions Turn your resolutions into actionable plans

How did you do with keeping those resolutions from last year? Do you even remember what they were? We all make New Year’s resolutions for our careers – who doesn’t want to grow professionally, get a better job or a promotion and make more money? But all too often, this year becomes next year and our resolutions go unfulfilled. That’s because we fail to make an actionable plan for achieving our goals.

There is no such thing as lifetime job security. Most Americans change jobs about every four years. The reality is that your current, or next, job is just a stop along the way. One way you can take control of your goals by making 2017 the year you replace blind loyalty to the corporation with loyalty to your own long-term economic survival.

There is no such thing as lifetime job security. Most Americans change jobs about every four years. Make 2017 the year you commit to enlightened self-interest, to understanding and applying practical career management strategies that will put increase your sense of security make you feel more fulfilled.

Stop being a conspicuous consumer

Most people sacrifice the struggle for long-term financial security to the whims of instant gratification. The constant temptation to buy stuff takes your focus away from the end game and encourages you to live up to your income as if tomorrow will never come. Too often the resulting overwhelming debt gets trapped on a treadmill, running in place with minimum payments; you don’t have the energy to even think of strategies for moving forward.

We live in an entitled society that that encourages instant gratification with few consequences: “The smart phone you got last year isn’t smart enough anymore, you need this year’s even smarter smart phone, you need it today, it’ll only cost you an extra $29.95 per month and you won’t even miss it!” Don’t let the the temptation for shiny new status purchases  you don’t need distract you from what you do need; an investment in a secure future.

Turn your resolutions into practical plans for their achievement. Whatever you want, you can probably achieve it, if you work hard and smart enough, just break those goals and plans down into smaller and then smaller steps. There is always some small action that, taken today, will take you one step closer to manifesting your dreams.

Quit wasting time

According to CNN Health, the The average American spends a whopping 10+ hours per day consuming media on line, and that doesn’t even include traditional TV watching. You can take just 30 minutes of this time, four nights a week and use it to bring your goals forward. That’s two hours per week, or over 100 hours per year you can invest toward your career and financial goals in 2017. At this time next year, you will look back and be amazed at how much you accomplished with time you didn’t even realize you had.

You can use that time to invest in your future any way you choose. Learn what it really takes to get back to work, create a resume that works protect the job you have, get a better job, get a promotion; plan and execute job or career change without disruption, to write that novel or launch your own business.

Make the commitment to take control of your career path by applying the strategies and tactics of intelligent career management to the realities of today’s insecure professional world. Give up just 30 minutes of screen time, four times per week and turn those resolutions you’ll forget into actionable plans you’ll accomplish.

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