10 Smart Social Networking Strategies

A social networking strategy can really impact your job search. Consider these ten tactics to increase your social networking productivity:

  1. Join social networking sites. You can search the membership databases by name, title, company and other variables. They usually have job banks or links to job banks and special interest groups where jobs also get posted. Try Networking — Seven Job Search Networks We All Need for a comprehensive list of social networking sites
  2. Become visible to recruiters. Recruiters use networking sites all the time and this should affect what goes into your profile. Best bet? When your resume becomes your profile, it dramatically increases your visibility to recruiters.
  3. Have a clear focus for your search. Networking will be more productive when you have a clear focus on industry, type of company, and then a clearly definable target job in mind. Your profile will be more focused and you can offer networking contacts something to work with.
  4. Make it easy to help you. Have a clear focus for your job search but don’t be too specific about what you need from an employer when you network, that’s not relevant at this stage of your search and it can only serve to reduce the leads you get. Stick to your title, skills and what you can offer.
  5. Offer something of Value. When you reach out to others, you will get the best response by offering something of value. What do you offer? Use the job leads you cannot use yourself, for more on this see Reaching Out, Making Contact.
  6. Cross reference job postings. Cross-reference the job posting you find on job banks to find hiring managers from those companies on your social networking sites. When you find someone, make direct contact referring him or her to your member profile. Alternatively look for people who work at this target company who might be able to give you the appropriate introduction.
  7. Look for hiring managers. Look for members who carry hiring titles relevant to your job, this will usually be one and two levels above your title. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t seen a job posting, you can still approach them.
  8. Got an interview coming up? Get the names of the people you will be meeting and see if they are members of your networking sites, then research their backgrounds. You should try Googling these names too, and with more senior levels you should also Google News to see if they’ve had media coverage.
  9. Do it right this time. This is not the last time you’ll need networking contacts for a job search, so this time do it right, learn how to build networks that will help you today and commit to maintaining them for the future when you’ll need them again.
  10. Stay in touch. Email lets you communicate effectively with growing networks and as we statistically change jobs about every four years wouldn’t it be great to have relevant and robust networks next time job change loomed on your horizon?

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