Six Professional Values That Matter to Employers

Six Professional Values That Matter to Employers

Martin Yate CPC
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Strong professional values, coupled with your transferable skills, will repay you with better job security and improved professional horizons. If you want to be seen by employers as the consummate professional,  develop the following professional values and make them a living dimension of your professional brand:
1. Motivation and energy
Employers realize that a motivated professional will do a better job on every assignment. Motivation expresses itself in a commitment to the job and the profession, an eagerness to learn and grow professionally, and a willingness to take the rough with the smooth.
Motivation is invariably expressed by the energy you demonstrate in your work. You always give that extra effort to get the job done right.

2. Commitment and reliability
Commitment to your job, to making a difference with your presence every day, to your company and profession, to the role your job plays in the larger issues of company success, and the empowerment that comes from knowing how your part contributes to the greater good . . . these are desirable professional values.

Commitment is also a demonstration of enlightened self-interest. The more you are engaged in your career, the more likely you are to join the inner circles that exist in every department and company, enhancing opportunities for advancement. At the same time, this dedication will repay you with better job security and improved professional horizons.

Your commitment expresses itself in your reliability. Showing up is half the battle; the other half is your performance on the job. This requires following up on your actions—not relying on anyone else to ensure the job is done and done well—and it also speaks to your reliability as a team player committed to the greater good of the team.

3. Determination
Your determination speaks of a resilient professional who doesn’t get worn down or back off when a problem or situation gets tough. It’s a value that marks you as someone who chooses to be part of the solution rather than standing idly by and being part of the problem.

The determined professional has decided to make a difference with his presence every day, because it is the right thing to do.

The determined professional is willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done, even if that includes duties that might not appear in her job description.

4. Pride and Integrity
Pride in yourself as a professional means always making sure the job is done to the best of your ability; this, in turn, means paying attention to details and to time and cost constraints. Integrity means taking responsibility for your actions, both good and bad, and it also means treating others, within and outside of the company, with respect at all times and in all situations. With pride in yourself as a professional with integrity, your actions will always be in the ethical best interests of the company, and your decisions will never be based on whim or personal preference.

5. Productivity and economy
Always work toward enhanced productivity through efficiencies of time, resources, money, and effort. Most problems have two solutions, and the expensive one isn’t always the best. Ideas of efficiency and economy engage the creative mind in ways that others would not consider.

6. Systems and Procedures
This is a natural outgrowth of all the other transferable skills and professional values. Your commitment to your profession in all these ways gives you an appreciation of the need for systems and procedures and their implementation only after careful thought. You understand and always follow the chain of command. You don’t implement your own “improved” procedures or encourage others to do so. If ways of doing things don’t make sense or are interfering with economy and productivity, you work through the system to get them changed. 

The more you are engaged in your career and the more effective you become because of your transferable skills and professional values, the more likely you are to join the inner circles that exist in every department and company; and that’s where the plum assignments, raises, and promotions live. 

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